Twenty years and no leakage and no major reportable incidents. Three banking licenses, cyrptocurrency exchange licensing, and many other Japan FSA negotiations and remediation projects. We cover technical requirements in compliance, but we also address the policy and procedure frameworks, and how that affects your company's compliance profile.


Training and awareness provides the best defense against social engineering attacks such as phishing, piggy-backing, and easy familiarity. Technical training in incident handling and threat hunting equip and enable your security staff with the latest tools and techniques to identify and respond to vulnerabilities. Furthermore, periodic business continuity and disaster response exercises are now required by many regulatory bodies and certification organizations. We offer the following training:

    Personal and corporate security
    Incident Response
    Cyber Intelligence Integration
    Cyber Threat Hunting
    Incident and Response Workshop
    Business Continuity Planning/Training
    Disaster Recovery Testing/Workshop
    Desktop Drills and Facilitation

Penetration & Vulnerability

Scripting and programming integration in security is the backbone of SysRisk. We believe in making security realistic, and showing clients how real vulnerabilities are exploited. Our penetration tests are structured and reports are applicable to your environment with realistic recommendations. Banks and other industries trust our vulnerability management processes and threat hunting capability.


We are based in Tokyo servicing local clients for over 20 years in finance, manufacturing, and technology. Call us if you need an effective information security, cyber security, and compliance solution. While many of our clients are enterprise sized, we offer very effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses that need a secure working environment.