Securing and training companies in Tokyo and greater Japan for 20 years. No leaks, no major incidents, and multiple Japan FSA compliance projects. We do security and compliance in Japan.

Our certified team brings over 20 years of service and delivery experience in Japan's tough compliance environment, while providing the required technical and management expertise to ensure your company's security. We provide a very discrete setup process for inbound multi-nationals or startups.

Penetration & Vulnerability

Meet Our Principal Executive

Kirt Cathey brings a wealth of cybersecurity, infosec, and compliance experience as well as fluent Japanese and English language skills, combined with an extensive background in handling Japan regulatory processes. Kirt has worked with Big Four consultancies, major finance institutions, and many major Japanese and foreign multinational technology companies. Kirt is a former board member for the Information Systems Control & Audit Association, Co-author of the Internal Audit Handbook (Japanese, 2006), and author of WorkPapers software.

Kirt Cathey